I thought that when my parents organised a BBQ it would be perfect and nothing could possibly go wrong! But when my brother’s friends taj and kaine arrived everything went wrong they ate the menus! they splashed around in the pool! and they slammed the door on my face! they are still her after half a hour! ahh can’t take it but tomoz my bestie grace is coming over that makes it way better!


hey guys getting ready for a awesome holidays hope u do to! because its gonna be awesome… Me and shannah first designed our blog and she never eva comes on to post! lol i should seriously tell her! LOL



Hey guys finally got my computer fixed! yay now I can post entries again well t update u shannah hasn’t been on for a while but I don’t blame her she’s very busy at the time. But I will inform her about that coming on again well lately not much has happened since I last informed you guys so all that’s happening is really me going to Fiji for a month I am going on the 11th of December I am getting exited but a little inpatient coz I have been waiting for quite a while now thanx to all our fans and please comment or give us a call on 0418197877