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Shannah and me are both in grade 4! And even though shannah is new to our environment she made some friends especialy me and we have joined the awesome group with the nicest boys and then i met a guy who i found we had many things in common and then i started to like him not long after he liked me. But things are said that aren’t true and james i guess believes them.  eg. Apperantly i am jealous how james and shannah hang out? jeshh i don’t care they are only friends sometimes i think if it’s just people dont like me? 😦


I thought that when my parents organised a BBQ it would be perfect and nothing could possibly go wrong! But when my brother’s friends taj and kaine arrived everything went wrong they ate the menus! they splashed around in the pool! and they slammed the door on my face! they are still her after half a hour! ahh can’t take it but tomoz my bestie grace is coming over that makes it way better!